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"Tuesdays with Morrie" April 14-23 at GraceWay
or A "HALF" Flex Pass - 
Current Special

Due to the fact that we are trying (very hard) to open our building in Mid 2023, we have decided to produce at least one more show at GraceWay.  

As a reward to our regular patrons we are offering a "HALF FLEX PASS" special which will end March 31. What you get for $60, is 4 tickets good for any show and as we have done in the past, these tickets will be good until used or one full year after our theater doors open (904 West Main St., Tavares).  With the price of everything on the rise, we cannot promise to keep these low prices forever. Please support our efforts.

We are very pleased to return to GraceWay Church, as this is probably the best venue we have used and they are very supportive of our theater's work. That being said, we are very hopeful that the show coming after April will be in our own facility!

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