News Flash

        Our Venue issues for 2019 have been solved!

We hope to have our own  facility ready

to go for early 2020, in the mean time . . .

       Here is our Adjusted 2019 Line Up:

            • Hate Mail  (Feb. - Tavares Civic Center)

            • Exit Laughing (June 7-16 - Melon Patch)

            • The Butler Did It (Sept? Triangle Venue)

            • Comedy of Tenors (Nov.-Dec. Triangle)

We sincerely apologize for the confusion for this year. Trying to complete our 140 seat Theater on Main Street while searching for venues for our 5th season has been a bit much, to say the least.  We are happy that the search is over.  There will be specific dates and more information regarding the "Triangle Venue" in the coming weeks.  SNEAK PEAK:  If you have attended a show at the Bridges Church, think about how it could have been made better:  More seats, more room, higher ceiling, we hope you get the picture.