Roles:  "'Til Beth Do Us Part"

Suzannah Hayden  -   Runs her business from home and is not getting the

     support she feels she needs from Gibby.

Gibby Hayden - TV weatherman and Suzannah's husband

Margo James -  a wisecracking divorcee, Suzannah's best friend


Beth Bailey - Suzannah's newly hired assistant a gregarious, highly motivated

     daughter of the South; Energetic

Hank Russell - Margo's ex who is in his own mid-life crisis

Celia Carmichael - Suzannah's boss (British);  Matronly. 

All parts open to all ages, final casting will be set by auditioners age ranges.

Location (set):  The Hayden home.

Note: Regarding ages, the director reserves the right to move ages up or down depending on cast selection and availability.  (Everyone who is interested should audition regardless of your actual or stage age.)

No prepared scenes or monologues required; auditions will be cold readings from the script as provided. No roles have been pre-cast. Ages listed are for stage purposes and may be adjusted to meet the needs of casting.


Tavares Theater auditions are open to all.  The Director heads a casting committee which will attempt to determine skills and appropriate "look" for each part.  Our history as a Community Theater has had great success casting veteran actors with newbies, so we encourage everyone with an interest to audition.