Roles:  "The Sunshine Boys"

Leading Roles:

Willie Clark (male, age range 50-80) Cranky ex vaudeville actor, knows comedy but stubborn, forgetful

Al Lewis (male, age range 50-80) Sweet ex vaudeville actor, knows comedy, wants respect, gentle

Ben Silverman (male, age range 25-50) Stressed agent nephew of Willie, anxious, loving

Supporting Roles (one scene each)

TV Director (male, age range 20-60) Frustrated artist, grapples with actors, tries to be patient

Eddie (male or female, age range 20-60) TV assistant to director, tries to be authoritative

Registered Nurse (female, age range 40-60) Home health worker, witty, sassy


TV Nurse (female, age range 20-50, very sexy) Actress well endowed, superb at playing dumb & sexy

TV Patient (male or female, age range 20-60) Actor playing confused patient

No prepared scenes or monologues required; auditions will be cold readings from the script provided. No roles have been pre-cast. Ages listed are for stage purposes.