How Can You Help?


First and formost Tavares Theater, Inc. is a federal 501(c)(3) organization.  This means that your cash and non-cash donations are fully tax deductible.  More importantly all of our actors, crew, and administration are NOT paid.  They are all volunteers seeking to add the culture of live theater to the "Seaplane City"  through donations of their time and talents.


We fully realize that bringing live theater to Tavares will be an uphill battle.  Other local theaters have long histories to draw on and long standing financial support systems in place.  We, of course, have none of that.  This could be seen as a negative, but we see it as a positive.  We, with each new project and production are building our history from the ground up.  Our successes come from our current and future actions.  We will not have a state of the art facility over night, on the other hand, when we succeed, Tavares will have the newest and most modern facility in Lake County.  How fast that happens, is really up to the public.  We volunteers need financial support to meet these lofty goals.  The question is, "How do you fit into this picture?" No effort is too small and likewise, no donation is too small.


At this time, this organization is privately funded through ticket sales and DONATIONS.  Please bear in mind our long term goal is to build a Theater in Downtown Tavares, so any "extra money" will be placed in the Building Fund. It is our hope that as we begin to establish Tavares Theater, Inc. (Tavares Community Theater Company or TCTC) as a viable asset to our city we will attract grants and corporate sponsorships.


There are three types of support you may chose:

Cash or check (payable to Tavares Theater, Inc.) for the general operating fund.

Cash or check (payable to Tavares Theater, Inc.) for the Building Fund.

Quality household goods that could be used as props or sold for which you will receive a receipt.


For tax purposes, we recommend payments by check and you should retain your receipt from Tavares Theater, Inc.

Mail to: Tavares Theater, Inc., 15705 Acorn Circle, Tavares, FL 32778   And, Thank You!