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Odd Couple

The Odd Couple: Female Version

by: Neil Simon

February 2015


Florence: Noel Miner

Olive: Debbie Sussman

Vera: Linda Robinson

Sylvie: Linda Rebando

Mickey: Mary Weikel

Renee: Norine Spitzer

Manolo: "Pete" Rougeux

Jesus: R. Peter Carlson


Directed by: Marni Ann Whitehead

Stage Manager: Darelle Pallans

Lights and Set: Harold Miner


Produced in Cooperation with Samuel French, Inc.

Show Poster
I sometimes attack people.
Do you feel that?
Cast Photo
I'll get you...
You should see your burnt bird.
She is getting it up!
I broke up with the doctor.
Gril talk.
She's fine, Sydney.
Down boys, down.

Steel Magnolias

Steel Magnolias

by Robert Harling

July 2015


Ouiser: Laney Clark

Clairee: Kathleen Encrapera

M'Lynn: Kelly Coy Griffin

Truvy: Brittany Heitling

Shelby: Laura Law

Annelle: Shannon Wallman

Radio DJ: Grover Sanschagrin


Directed by: Marni Ann Whitehead

Assistant Director: Noel Miner

Stage Manager: Darelle Pallans

Lights and Set: Harold Miner


Presented by Special Arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

sm poster
Hairdo Hall of Fame
I Just Want to Hit Something
Jump for Joy
Smile, It Increases Your Face Value
Am I in Danger Here?
Pecan Tassies
Steel Magnolias
Boy He Sure is Small
Whack Ouiser
Too Twisted for Color TV

Christmas Belles

Christmas Belles

By Hope, Jones, and Wooten

December 2015


Gina Jo: Maya Angel

Miss Geneva: Elizabeth Corbett

Rhonda Lynn: Kathleen Encrapera

Twink: Kat Kemmet

Raynerd: Regan Krause

John Curtis: John Kreutzer

Frankie: Laura Law

Justin Waverly: Robby Earl Martin

Honey Raye: Noel Miner

Dub: Nathan Paul

Patsy Price: Jan Sheldon


Directed by: Marni Ann Whitehead

Stage Manager: Dee Engelson

Lights and Set: Harold Miner

House Manager: Darelle Pallans

Our Show Poster
What kind of pain is it?
She'll actually clear the stable!
Domestic Spat
I am not good in front of crowds.
Joy to the World!
That's what sisters do.
Click, click, click.
There's a felon on the loose.
A Christmas Miracle!
I Just Love Christmas!
Christmas Belles Cast
Meeting the Playwrights
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